We agree with Rep. McGonagle

Representative Joe McGonagle suggested to the city council two weeks ago that so-called “nip” bottles of liquor should be banned from being sold in Everett liquor stores.

He suggested that banning the ugly, useless, empty plastic bottles strewn all over the city’s sidewalks and streets would put an end to the city being trashed by them.

You know what?

Representative McGonagle is right.

The city chose not to do as he suggested.

Our belief is that an opportunity was lost to get rid of the “nip” menace which is pervasive.

If liquor stores in this city cannot survive without selling “nips,” they ought really to give up their businesses.

“Nips” are the lowest common denominator of sales in liquor stores.

“Nips are odious because those addicted to alcohol can hide them while at work or play or behind the wheel of their automobiles.

They are disgusting because we find them nearly everywhere, including parks meant for kids.

Getting rid of “nips” is like the city ridding itself of a menace. Get rid of “nips.”

The sooner the better.

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