CDC, state drop facemasks mandate

Last day will be May 29


The CDC’s decision to allow those who have been vaccinated not to wear masks outside and inside, in some cases, has caused a great deal of confusion with the American public.

MAY 16: Everett residents continue to wear masks on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Now comes the decision by Governor Charlie Baker to drop all COVID-19 face mask restrictions on May 29.

This will include dropping as well most nearly all restrictions that have been in place since last March.

Here in Everett, the loosening of face mask restrictions outdoors by the CDC has done little to change the habits of the past year.

Most Everett residents are still seen wearing facemasks inside and outside, despite the policy change.

Governor Charlie Baker has allowed some restrictions regarding facemasks to remain in force until after the May 20.

It is expected Massachusetts will soon dispose of face mask mandates as we return to a new normal in the post-pandemic era.

Right now, the state of Massachusetts is at odds with the CD on who should wear masks and where.

Massachusetts remains one of the most stringent applicators of anti-pandemic policy. While testing and vaccinations are going on at a good pace, a great percentage of younger people and residents have yet to be vaccinated.

National figures issued by the CDC reveals 157 million people or 47% of the population have received at least one dose of the vaccines.

Overall, 123 million people, or 37% of the population have been fully vaccinated.

Older people represent the largest percentage of those vaccinated followed by people 40 to 64.

In Massachusetts, 62% of the population has been vaccinated. Only Vermont and New Hampshire have higher percentages of people vaccinated than Massachusetts.

More than 7.2 million doses of vaccine have been administered in Massachusetts.

New cases and deaths have dived recently.

New cases in Everett have plummeted while new deaths have not been recorded in weeks. Local business establishments of all kinds are requiring masks to be worn inside – this includes corner stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and a wide number of smaller businesses.

Despite the new CDC instructions not requiring facemasks to be worn by those who have been vaccinated, Everett looks the same as it did before the new mandate.

Most people are still wearing facemasks outside and in.

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