Paul Noonan

Paul Noonan grew up in a large family in Woodlawn.

Everyone knew the Noonan’s, and Paul, especially.

With Noonan’s Ice Cream truck, he had a citywide presence and a welcomed one at that.

His friends recall him as a great guy, a happy man always with a smile.

As one lifelong friend said of him, “Everyone knew who he was. Everyone liked him. He had a great personality and love for life.”

Mr. Noonan died last week. He was 79.

He was born here, went to school here, and spent much of his work life as a correctional officer for the State of Massachusetts.

The Noonan’s Ice Cream truck made him an ambassador for good throughout the city for several generations of Everett’s children.

He loved having his son, Kevin, by his side working with him many summers on the truck, his friends recalled.

Mr. Noonan had a great voice. He loved singing. He had a contagious personality, according to those who knew him.

We lament his passing.

We offer his son, Kevin, and the Noonan Family our condolences on the loss of a man who was a bit larger than life, who brought a smile to many faces in this city over the course of a lifetime.

There aren’t any Paul Noonan’s coming up the ladder today in Everett.

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