PSCC students invited to attend MIT BWSI summer program

Eleven students at the Pioneer Charter School of Science have been invited to attend the prestigious MIT Beaverworks Summer Institute this upcoming summer where they will attend a 4-week intensive course on STEM programs.

MIT Beaverworks Summer Institute (BWSI) is a research and education center that is jointly operated by Lincoln Laboratories and MIT’s School of Engineering. It consists of a rigorous pre-requisite online course that students must take in the spring semester and the 4-week long Summer Institute. During the Summer Institute students will participate in their choice of program from technology-based topics ranging from how to build a satellite, autonomous Grand Prix racing, cybersecurity and cryptography and remote sensing for disaster response among others.

“We are so proud of our talented students and incredibly grateful for their invitation to the prestigious MIT Beaverworks Summer Institute,” said Barish Icin, the schools’ Chief Executive Officer. “The students worked incredibly hard to prepare for the annual Network Science fair, and it is amazing to see their hard work rewarded. We are very excited to see what the kids get up to this summer and hope it only furthers their interest in STEM.”

The invitation to the institute came after the Pioneer Charter School of Science students impressed one of the judge’s at the annual Network Science Fair in early February. Judges for the Science Fair came from Boston-area Universities including Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and local tech companies. After seeing the students projects, the judge immediately extended an invitation to the high schoolers for the summer. The spots are competitive and usually reserved for seniors only.

The participating students are:


Aliyah Capo, 11th grade; Lulya Tesfamicael, 11th grade; Kimberly Thimothee, 11th grade.


Blanca Flores-Araujo, 9th grade; Izmir LaForest, 10th grade; Bethany Marcel, 10th grade; Salma Ngokila, 9th grade; Adaora Okeke, 10th grade; Grace Oladoja, 10th grade; Sarah Rosa, 11th grade; Aasiya Vahora, 11th grade.

The program, which will be held virtually this year due to COVID-19, begins in July.

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