Where to meet Gerly Adrien

  • ·  15 Cumberland Street Everett, MA
    Everyday 7AM-9PM
  • ·  Glendale Park Elm Street Everett, MA
    Tuesday, May 18th, 6-8PM
    Wednesday, May 19th, 6-8PM
    Saturday, May 22nd, 11AM-1PM
  • ·  Everett Square Broadway and Chelsea St
    Tuesday, May 18th 7AM-9AM
  • Saturday, May 22nd, 9AM-11AM

Rivergreen Park Northern Strand Trail
Thursday, May 20th, 7-9PM (Tennis Court)
Saturday, May 22nd, 9AM-12PM (Dog Park)

· Lafayette School 117 Edith St
Friday, May 21st, 7-9PM

· McKinnon’s 620 Broadway Street
Saturday, May 22nd, 9AM-11AM
Sunday, May 23rd, 12PM-3PM

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