Women voters hold key to the election

More so than in any election past, Everett’s women voters hold the key to who wins and who los- es the September primary.

Gerly Adrien, Fred Capone, and the mayor – the three contenders for the mayor’s office – will all be reaching out to women for the attention and their votes.

Let’s face it, women’s voices have never been stronger or more aligned with the combined effort to gain what they deserve out of our society.

Women in similar jobs want to make and should make, exactly what men earn in the same positions.

This remains an inequitable situation presently despite gains made by women in the national workplace.

The glass ceiling still exists. It wrongly holds back women from achieving what men achieve.

Women want safety and protection against domestic violence perpetrated on them by men.

Domestic violence by men against women is a scourge.

Gay women, transgender women, heterosexual women want their freedom to do as they please unfettered by outdated political, racial, and social imperatives.

This is a campaign where women of color will be organized by Adrien, who is the first Black mayoral candidate in the city’s history.

How will several thousand Everett Haitians vote? How will other Blacks and browns vote?

How will women vote in this community?

Will they all vote for Adrien?

This is unlikely. However, a large percentage of the Black vote will go to Adrien by default.

This will not deter Capone and the mayor from reaching out to Black women and women of race and color all over the city. Not everyone votes by color, religion, or cultural background. Women of all ages and persuasions in this city want a mayor who is respectful of them and their space in this city.

As an educated, married, professional businesswoman and politician, Adrien holds the best cards to play in winning their votes.

Because they are men, Capone and the mayor are at a disadvantage in seeking to gather up in their corner the women’s’ vote.

The mayor will be noticeably weak with Everett’s women.

The # Me Too movement has never been stronger or more organized.

Women know the mayor’s game – and it isn’t a pretty game.

The mayor has a poor record with women. He has shown no interest in women’s’ rights except to pay lip service to the idea they should be treated equally by city hall.

An example of his animus against women is his present policy of not talking with Adrien, who is a member of the city government with a wide following.

As a Black woman crying out for equity in city hiring practices and in city services designed to aid the underprivileged, Adrien will strike again and again at the unfairness heaped upon and perpetuated by the mayor on Everett’s women.

The mayor’s questionable public record with women puts him at a disadvantage with women in this primary race.

Capone, on the other hand, is a much more civilized type than the mayor.

He treats women with respect. His record with women is spotless. He does not see or act by color. He is collegial and friendly with Adrien. He is not inclined to get down into the gutter with the mayor about issues regarding the mayor’s allegedly sordid relations with women, and even women that he has employed.

Will Black women vote for Capone? Hard to say.

Many Black women, white women, Italian women who know of his stature and honesty will likely cast a vote for him.

Will Everett’s women vote for the mayor?

They always have.

This race will be different.

We urge Everett’s women to carefully pick their choice for mayor as the weeks and months come to pass.

The primary could very well be won with the women’s’ vote. For the first time in Everett’s modern history, women may hold the key in this upcoming primary.

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