Adrien has signatures in

MAY 22: Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien collects signatures from Everett residents in Everett Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien handed in her nomination papers Monday morning to the Election Commission at city hall.

Her forces gathered 623 signatures since nomination papers were handed out last week.

Thus ended a flurry of activity by Adrien to get her name officially on the ballot before the mayor and Fred Capone, both of whom are now gathering signatures.

Adrien again proved she is likely the most highly organized candidate for public office in Everett.

Most signature collection drives take several weeks. Her rapid collection of 623 signatures effortlessly reveals several things about her candidacy.

By filing her nomination papers first, she has shown an ability to get out in front of the mayor and Capone.

The mayor and Capone are undeterred by Adrien’s speed.

They are said to be gathering signatures in the hope of filing many more than Adrien did.

Five hundred legal signatures are required to have one’s name placed on the ballot.

It does not matter in the scheme of things how many signatures a candidate files.

What matters is who wins when the votes are counted. That being said, 500 good signatures are as good as 2,000 signatures.

Turning in a huge number of signatures tends usually to give a candidate cache.

The more signatures a candidate passes in tends to equate to a strong organization and interest in their election efforts.

Being first, as Adrien was, marks a moment requiring catch-up for the mayor and Capone.

Both their campaigns are now gathering signatures.

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