Integrity on file

Integrity matters in Everett.

Integrity is on display during this election season. Who, running for mayor, has integrity and who doesn’t is going to be a critical issue for Everett voters.

It will be up to Everett voters to decide whether or not Gerly Adrien, Fred Capone, and the mayor have the integrity and honesty to serve the people of this city.

To this end, the Leader Herald will be exploring all three candidate’s pasts.
Each of them owns an individual narrative, a unique story to tell about their lives, their ups and downs, their inadequacies, their triumphs, and their failures.

If there is a dark side to them, we will explore it.

We will reveal what the public record has to show about Adrien, Capone, and the mayor.

Everett is in a tough political environment.

Will the people of Everett care about what we find?

We believe the people of Everett care about integrity. Women care about integrity. Men care about integrity. The elderly care about integrity. Your local banker, doctor, lawyer, and priest care about integrity.

Everett’s density makes keeping a secret about one’s private behavior difficult to impossible.

Everyone in public life in this city in one way or another over time is revealed to be who they are – and sometimes that gets pretty ugly.

Such is life in a city where everyone is living on top of everyone else.

In the last analysis will integrity govern the outcome of this campaign.

We believe it will. Integrity matters.

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