Brawl mars first mask-less weekend

The unrestricted opening of the Encore Casino led to a brawl on the casino grounds Saturday evening, according to the State and Everett Police.

At least three arrests were made in a fight where one of those arrested was using a baseball bat on one of the victims.

The bad behavior at the casino now that the restrictions have been lifted is predictable, according to casino analysts.

Major venues, not just casinos, are dealing with violence from patrons.

A Boston Celtics fan was arrested for tossing a bottle of water from the stands at Kyrie Irving at the TD Garden during a game over the weekend.

Numerous incidents have been plaguing the league since restrictions were loosened.

The same will likely be true at Encore.

A great deal of bottled-up energy spanning a year is now being let out.

Violence will inevitably take place at Encore from time to time.

That has been the experience since the opening of the facility in June 2019.

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