Does ECTV have a clue?

Last week’s ECTV broadcast of the city council meeting from the high school library was another failure.

For more than an hour, it was impossible trying to watch the meeting and to understand what the participants were saying.

Once again, the ECTV technician was unable to run a meeting so that the city councilors could be understood.

Some of us believe the ECTV people must be humorists or comedians and that they are deliberately trying to get us to laugh when we can’t understand what the councilors are saying.

After all, there is something poetic about such a scenario.

It is magnificent watching some of the councilors go on and on about nothing and we can’t make out what they are saying. Allowing this to go on, sometimes for 15 minutes, is hilarious, with many of the councilors simply pleased with themselves, delighted to be on tv talking but not really knowing anyone can make out what they are saying!

There is some humor in such a scenario so often repeated. Monday evening’s disaster went on for an hour before councilors responded to calls from viewers complaining about the broadcast.

What needs to be questioned is the obvious incompetence of the technical personnel running council meetings in which councilors cannot be understood.

Maybe they are getting stoned before the meetings.

This has now happened at least five or six times.

If the technical personnel cannot manage to do their jobs, they or he or she should be reprimanded and then fired.

That’s what would happen to such an incompetent in the dreaded private sector.

Then someone, anyone, should be found to run the meetings with the cameras working as well as the audio.

Maybe the administration should do a nationwide search for just the right technician.

Before the council spends several hundred thousands of dollars on new equipment as planned, maybe it would be wise to make sure that competent personnel are hired to run the new equipment.

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