Alcy: not your average at-large candidate


To know Guerline Alcy is to like her.

She is effervescent, with a positive outlook on life and a great deal of curiosity about where the city is heading.

Her announcement for councilor at-large in this week’s edition of the Leader Herald, Alcy reveals who she is and what she is about.

Her political agenda includes waging a battle against homelessness, food insecurity, and aid minority women to gain leadership positions in government here.

“I want to make sure everyone here can speak up without being afraid to speak up,” she said.

What she didn’t say, explains why she is running for city council.

Alcy has been consistently overlooked for promotion at city hall for at least five years. The mayor has consistently refused to push her up on the city hall ladder despite 9 years of city hall employment.

As Councilor and mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien’s cousin, the mayor has been insistent in making certain she stays where she is, Alcy claims.

This type of behavior is consistent with the mayor’s perpetual abuse of the First Amendment – a fact he has been taken to federal court over by others in recent years.

While others are appointed to higher positions or better-paying jobs, Alcy remains stuck at her desk near the rear door to city hall inside the parking department office.

Her announcement is absent of any animus about the mayor or her treatment as a Black woman.

However, those who know her understand the level of her frustration working at city hall, trying to improve her position, but being denied at every level by the administration.

In this city where there are so many disadvantaged people, she believes it is her duty to serve, to improve the lives of those in need, and to “make Everett a welcoming place for everyone.”

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