Facemasks cause fascination

We believe it is altogether incredible the number of men, women, and children wearing facemasks nearly two weeks since the Massachusetts State government and the CDC set us free from wearing them.

Those of us who have been vaccinated understand that we don’t need the facemasks anymore.

We can’t give the disease and we can’t catch it, either.

It is rather amazing that so many have chosen not to get vaccinated for whatever selfish and unscientific reason they hold dear.

Some believe they are exercising the right to freedom by staying clear of vaccinations.

In fact, refusing vaccinations is like tempting the fates.

Considering that 600,000 died from the virus, we cannot condone such acts of selfishness and foolishness by Americans thinking they are exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Almost to a person, every one of the 600,000 who died, and their families, wish they were still alive.

Had the vaccine been available, they could have dodged the deadly virus bullet.

Many people wearing masks have still not been vaccinated.


What is wrong with people?

Do those who refuse to be vaccinated have a death wish? Yes, they do.

It is that, and just not caring about loved ones and others. What a thing.

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