Most of us have to work for a living

The mayor of Everett is paid $232,000 + a year for a part-time job.

Let’s face it, the mayor spends as little time as possible at Everett City Hall.

He spends hundreds of more days away from city hall than presiding over city hall which is the job he was elected to do.

Candidates for mayor Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone have labeled the mayor’s salary “outrageous” and about “greed,” respectively.

With these simple statements, they have slammed the mayor directly, a move very likely to cause the mayor to strike them back.

We are told the mayor has hired a big-time campaign manager.

The campaign manager has ordered the mayor to look and act like a mayor rather than a despot, as is his public tendency. Good luck with trying to keep a handle on the mayor’s tendency for excess, waste, derision, racism, misogyny, sexism, sexual assault, using ISD as a battering ram against those who don’t contribute properly to him or who refuse to attend his political fundraisers.

Yes, he has his supporters the same way Donald Trump has his supporters. No matter how bad the mayor acts, no matter how many charges of sexual assault have been alleged, Carlo DeMaria remains one of the good guys for the sexist, racist, homophobic crowd he pays to carry out his policies.

Everett is much hipper than the mayor thinks.

Everett voters who have elected him can just as easily toss him from office in September.

Can the first Black woman city councilor Gerly Adrien running for mayor beat him in the primary?

Yes, she can.

Can a straight family man like Fred Capone beat the mayor in the primary?

Yes, he can.

He is a better man than the mayor.

Neither Adrien nor Capone are haters.

They don’t hate and scheme to make financial scores off the city’s back.

They are running to restore a sense of dignity, honesty, and personal integrity to the corner office.

Oh yes, the mayor has his “friends”, that is, the people he pays and terrorizes by hanging over their heads the possibility they could be fired or removed or tossed aside if they fail to do as he demands.

His style is to pay people to do his bidding. They pretend to be acting independently, but this is Everett.

Everyone with an ounce of political savvy understands the game here.

They know the mayor’s dark secrets, his disingenuousness – saying one thing and then doing another – or trying to appear right now like everyone’s best friend while campaigning or shaking a hand.

When he turns away, he curses the hands he just shook because he’s a greedy, hateful man.

Can Adrien and Capone have a strong impact on the September primary?

You better believe it.

Women would do better to vote for either of them than the mayor.

Gays should do the same.

Blacks and whites and all city employees would do well to be done with his racist, sexist greed-fueled intimidation and toss him from office.

Can this happen? Yes, it can.

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