232K pay blasted by opponents

Adrien, Capone call it greedy, shocking, say $140k more like it


Revelations the mayor is making more than $232,000 a year working part-time hours sent shock waves throughout the politically connected in this city where politics is a blood sport.

If the city provided for health insurance is included, the mayor’s salary is in the $250,000 a year range, substantially higher than big-city mayors across the nation, according to a Leader Herald story published last week.

The mayor remained silent about protests concerning his bloated compensation and assertions by Adrien that he works part-time hours.

Adrien said last week the mayor’s salary should be in the $140,000 territory, irrespective of what others make working their jobs in city government.

Adrien’s mayoral campaign Facebook site attracted hundreds of visitors to the story, many of whom (well over 100) left comments deriding the salary as “too much”, and as “a waste,” with many visitors expressing outrage and shock that the mayor is being paid so high a salary.

“At a time when the mayor laid off so many full and part- time employees because of the pandemic, his $232,000 salary says it all about him and his priorities,” Adrien told the Leader Herald.

The Leader Herald’s Facebook site was also active with many visitors reading the mayor’s salary story.

Capone didn’t dispute Adrien’s suggestion for a lower salary.

Capone was especially irked by the mayor trying to get another $6,000 for a car allowance on top of the salary.

He referred to that as greed.

All three candidates continued their active campaigning last week and over the weekend.

Adrien’s war chest is beginning to bulge, as is the mayors.

Capone’s fundraising has also intensified according to those close to the candidate.

All three campaigned in the city’s squares almost daily.

Capone spoke with a group of voters and contributors Sunday afternoon at the Freeman Street home of Maria Bussle. Bussle is the fire chief’s administrative assistant and a 25-year employee of the Everett Fire Department.

According to Bussle, the mayor and Human Resources have tried to fire her on several occasions during the past five years.

“He’s trying to fire me because I don’t do his bidding,” Bussle told the Leader Herald.

As for the chief, “He’s checked himself out,” she said. “Carlo is calling all the shots. The chief arrives late most of the time because he’s done with it,” she added.

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