Everett’s money came from them too

And while we are on the subject of Sal and Joe doing what is right for the people of Everett. . .lets give a pat on the back to those who truly deserve it about getting the city the money it deserves from the state’s federal pandemic fund.

The mayor likes to take credit for getting this added money to the city.

He had about as much to do with getting this money as the possibility of a banana turning into an avocado.

That’s typical of Carlo DeMaria’s way of doing things… taking credit for achievements he has nothing whatsoever to do with.

The city will at some point be receiving millions of dollars in federal funds due to the governor redoing the math and deciding the city, and places like Chelsea deserved much more than was originally planned for.

The pandemic caused major economic disruption to this city and its residents.

At least Everett will be getting what it deserves.

Again, money decisions like these are made by our senator and our rep up on Beacon Hill because they have access to the governor, and the governor listens to them.

Without them, we are a bit like a boat without a rudder. A call from the mayor of Everett asking the state for more federal funding is about as valuable as a call from the warden of Shirley House of Correction asking for air conditioning to be installed so the prisoners can be more comfortable.

This is another instance of Senator Sal DiDomenico and Rep. Joe McGonagle doing the right thing for the residents of Everett.

These two don’t shake anyone down, either.

They don’t make threats and carry out vendettas.

In a city led by a strongman who pretends to be a leader but acts as a dictator, Sal and Joe stand out and above Carlo DeMaria.

The time will shortly arrive when they refuse to stand with him for photo ops.

Sal and Joe can do the peoples’ work without the taint of Carlo DeMaria.

Thank you, Sal and Joe, for the good work up on Beacon Hill.

You make sense to the governor and the governor rewards the people of Everett because of your appeal to him.

That’s how government works at the state level.

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