The part-time mayor

There is not a hint of doubt that Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s $232,000+ yearly salary is almost as criminal as some of his aberrant behavior.

First, as we pointed out in last week’s lead story detailing his salary, the mayor is a part-time employee.

He exhibits a retrograde work ethic. He takes extended vacations numerous times a year for the past three years – some years taking as many as 90 days or more for vacations to Aruba and Arizona.

In one of his most naked acts of greed and indifference, he put one vacation before the well-being of the city the day after he closed the city down at the beginning of the pandemic last year.

No sooner had he shut the city down than he left for Aruba for a vacation at the Ritz Carlton on the beach.

Nice touch, if you can pull it off.

No mayor in the city’s recent past ever did such a thing or came close to such an overt, in-your-face dereliction of duty to take a vacation.

The mayor should have remained here as the disaster unfolded.

It was his job to lead the city as it shut down.

Instead, he lived out the ancient prophecy that goes like this: when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The mayor shows his colors by always putting himself first, by uttering statements like “what’s in it for me,” by bullying city employees and demanding they make contributions to his political account, by allegedly committing sexual assault and then paying women for their silence, for shaking down local businesspeople and for becoming an FBI informant.

Watch who stands shoulder to shoulder with this man.

Take note of those who smile by his side.

When September comes, take back your city, your pride, and your dignity.

Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien’s belief the mayor of Everett should be paid somewhere near to $140,000 is reasonable. Even at this salary, the mayor’s part-time service would not make economic sense.

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