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DPW worker allegedly selling drugs from city truck for years


A male employee of the Everett Public Works Department has been dealing drugs from DPW vehicles, and his own vehicle, and at random locations throughout the city for several years, according to a source who wished to remain unnamed for fear of retribution.

The male DPW employee is a “huge” supporter of the mayor, according to the source.

He has recently been seen in Everett Square on several occasions holding signs for the mayor.

A DeMaria for Mayor sign is posted at his home in Everett, according to the source and verified by the Leader Herald.

The source claims the DPW employee has been selling pain killers and marijuana sold from his home and during clandestine meetings during work hours.

“He sells throughout the day. Painkillers. I know he sells from the city truck. He uses lunch to make drug sales,” the source informed the Leader Herald.

“He is well known, widely known through- out the city. The mayor knows him. The police know him,” the source added.

Several of the alleged drug dealer’s friends who were selling are now in jail or in court.

“It is likely he has informed on his friends who were dealing,” the source explained. “May- be this explains why he hasn’t been busted,” the source added.

The source told the Leader Herald the DPW employee is a major dealer.

Painkiller drug and opioid overdoses and deaths have plagued the city for the past five years.

The mayor’s office refused to comment to the Leader Herald about these allegations.

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