Capone calls for special council meeting


Mayoral candidate Fred Capone has asked for a special meeting of the city council to discuss allegations of improper asbestos disposal on the city’s streets in a lawsuit filed against an Everett city vendor in Superior Court by the Attorney General’s office last week.

The detailed lawsuit raises legal issues and health concerns and imposes large monetary fines and the possibility of criminal prosecution for the vendor and others who participated in pipe replacement contracts for the city on Cabot Street, Cabot Court, Wolcott Street and other communities.

Asbestos was improperly removed, improperly stored outside on Cabot Street, and improperly transported.

The vendor did not comply with Federal and State regulations and submitted invoices that did not reflect the failure to follow the environ- mental laws in the removal and the storage of asbestos.

According to the Attorney General’s lawsuit, asbestos dust swirled around Cabot

Street for many days without being contained and was on the streets and sidewalks close to residents and the Everett Memorial Stadium.

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The buck stops here

Everything having to do with contracts and money paid out having to do with the city of Everett belongs to the mayor.

He and he alone decides who does business with the city and more to the point, who does not do business with the city, or more to the heart of this editorial, who is not allowed to do business with the city.

The larger contracts, even if they are bid, always arrive at the same place – to the friends and allies of the mayor.

During the mayor’s 14 years in office very little has been shared in the way of contracts given to vendors other than to allow close friends and supporters to do the city’s business.

Nearly all the city’s major business tends to be done with the same allies and friends which creates conflicts of interest, favoritism, and exclusion.

In fact, the situation here is worse than that, as the mayor goes out of his way to hurt some people seeking to do business with the city by making such a thing impossible for them.

We understand giving friends business is not a crime.

The crime is excluding everyone else from eating out of the same city treasury trough.

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Are you watching Virgin River?

The number one program on Netflix now is Virgin River.

I’ve been trying to watch as much of it as I can.

Jack, Mel, Doc, Honey, Preacher, Charmain (sic)…well…it doesn’t get much better than this on Netflix during the height of the summer.

Nearly everyone wants to fall in love or is falling out of love, reuniting or breaking up, cheating on one another, or pretending to be faithful.

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La Hacienda seeks artist to paint a mural on its restaurant

La Hacienda Restaurant. (Courtesy photo)

With outdoor seating extended, La Hacienda Restaurant on Broadway is looking for a muralist to brighten up the back of their building this summer and is seeking applications from local artists.

Applications are open to anyone, including students or groups. Preference will be given to local artists.

The owners will be looking for designs that are vibrant, bold, and colorful! All the materials will be covered by La Hacienda Restaurant and the chosen artist will receive a stipend of $1000 upon completion of the mural. Artists will also be provided with a free meal every day they work on the project.

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