My plan to make Everett a city for everyone

JUNE 19: Mayoral candidate Gerly Adrien at Everett Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

By Gerly Adrien
Everett City Councilor At-Large and mayoral candidate

Growing up in Everett, I have experienced and witnessed how inequities have negatively impacted so many of our residents. Whether you are low-income or from an immigrant background, it seems as if only the wealthy and well-connected are able to get ahead and achieve the American dream.

For too long, Everett’s current leadership has been a gatekeeper of opportunities, shutting out many residents, causing them to feel as if they do not belong and cannot succeed here. As a current City Councilor at- Large, I know first-hand that our city does not have to be this way. We have the resources and talent necessary to make Everett a city where everyone can thrive – but only under brave leadership.

This is why I am running a people-powered campaign to become this city’s next Mayor. Under my leadership, I will ensure that Everett City Hall is a place where every-one feels welcome. I have heard from hundreds of residents about how they feel as if City Hall is not for them, but only for a select few. We need to fix how we do business, how we help our residents, and create pathways for everyone to prosper. Furthermore, we need to invest in our people.

Changing this will take bold leadership, and that starts with electing a Mayor who will listen to and partner with community leaders and residents who have been fighting for change for decades.

We need a Mayor who will not do backroom deals. Likewise, we need someone to fight for everyone. This is why I am introducing my initial “Making Everett Equitable and Inclusive” plan this week. I am not a candidate who is funded by developers or deep-pocket donors. As a City Councilor, I made a pledge to put the people first, and as a candidate for mayor, I am doubling down on this effort.

Together, we can move Everett forward by being more transparent as to where we are investing city funds, and ensuring that our businesses, families, and services need- ed for our residents are being prioritized in our spending.

We cannot afford another four years of lack of investment. Everett needs change. Join me in this fight to win for our future.

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