Sergio Cornelio rising

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio has been elected the President of the Massachusetts Town Clerk’s Association.

Obviously, this is a great honor for Cornelio. It also, at the same time, speaks well of Everett.

Since becoming the City Clerk in 2018, Cornelio has grown into the position.

It appears to be something he was destined for, quite frankly.

He is a font of knowledge about nearly everything under the purview of the City Clerk’s office, which is to say, this is everything under the sun one needs to know about governmental goings-on in Everett.

His attention to detail at city council meetings and the various hearings he must preside over has made him the go-to man.

As the leader of the state’s town clerks, he will wield power at the state level, where the rubber often hits the road when it comes to making changes in policy or rules and regulations cities and towns govern themselves by.

Cornelio loves the city clerk’s job.

This is obvious from the way he comports himself inside the city clerk’s office and when presiding over meetings, elections, or whatever.

He is honored to be the city clerk.

He is now honored to be the president of the association representing all the city and town clerks in the Commonwealth.

We congratulate Sergio on this accomplishment.

Let’s hope it is the beginning of much bigger things to come from him in his service to this city.

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