Still on the job

Mayor mum on alleged drug dealing DPW worker


An alleged drug dealing member of the city’s Department of Public Works lives to deal another day, according to sources familiar with last week’s Leader Herald investigative report.

Several sources alleged that from the mayor down the leadership ladder, there is widespread knowledge of a DPW employee who has been dealing drugs but with no action taken against him.

The mayor refused to comment on the matter.

“There was a great deal of discussion about the situation last week,” said a source. “Everyone knows this guy and what he’s been doing for years.”

“He is a friend of the mayor’s. He gets a free ride from the law, from the head of the DPW, from HR, from everyone,” said the source, who wished to remain unnamed.

Last week, the Leader Herald reported a DPW employee has been dealing pain killers during work hours, and at times, from a DPW truck, apparently for many years.

He is apparently close with the mayor and has placed a DeMaria for Mayor sign in front of his home.

“It’s just classic Carlo,” said a source.

“He doesn’t mind a drug dealer having a DeMaria for Mayor sign at the front of his home.

He has also been holding DeMaria signs during political visibilities held in different squares in the city.

The mayor and his sup- porters attempt to persuade some homeowners from taking down Adrien and Capone signs, “or else.”

This is not anecdotal. This is fact, according to a number of people we have interviewed who have been told to take down Adrien or Capone signs or to face the wrath of the mayor.

“That’s how it’s done by Carlo. I know from first-hand experience,” said the source.

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