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Support Wendy Poste

Wendy Poste was raped by her husband’s best friend, an Everett Firefighter at the time.

Following the rape and legal proceedings, the Everett firefighter (now a former Everett firefighter) was allowed to go back to work for many years, this, despite being put on the state’s registry of sexual offenders.

Poste has been seeking justice for all women by leading what appears to be a one-woman fight against cities and towns allowing sexual offenders on that loathsome directory to continue employment or to be hired as firefighters.

According to Poste, the mayor, the fire chief, the legal department, the police department, and the city’s Human Resources Department are not willing to take on such a policy for the city.

They have closed the door on her, she told the Leader Herald.

This despite all of them knowing about the sexual predator in our midst.

We believe her.

The mayor has no interest in sexual predators because he has had numerous events himself, at least four events as described in detail by the Boston Globe.

The fire chief does only what the mayor orders him to do. He has nothing to say about the efficacy of Everett firefighters on the sexual predator list being allowed to serve here.

Can you imagine a fire chief having not a word to say publicly about this?

The legal department and all the others are rubber stamps for the mayor.

Everett firefighters on the state’s sexual predator list should not be allowed to serve this city in such a crucial role in such a public capacity.

Poste’s fight to change the rules of service against those who have committed sexual crimes in the fire department should be welcomed by this city and its leadership instead of being snubbed.

Wendy Poste’s fight for justice goes on.

The wall put up by the DeMaria Administration against such a change should be torn down.

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