A leadership failure

The failure of the mayor and the school committee to take action following the shocking revelations an independent investigation they ordered to look into the serious misbehavior and illegal actions of a schoolteacher is a crime in itself.

The schoolteacher in question should not be teaching school in the Everett Public Schools or anywhere, for that matter, if the investigative report into the misconduct of this teacher is credible.

The report is, indeed, credible.

It is additionally incredible.

How we wonder, has the mayor and the school committee failed to discuss this issue publicly and to dismiss this schoolteacher as recommended in the independent investigative report conducted by lawyers hired by the city?

Politics has a way of clouding issues and putting off decisions that must be made.

We believe the failure of every school committeeman and woman to be counted in this situation borders on a crime against the public school students and parents of this city.

Not one school committeeman or woman has raised a question about this ongoing situation, which is reported in detail in this edition of the Leader Herald.

The mayor has no shame when it comes to a situation such as this one.

In fact, he aided in forcing the replacement of the Human Resources director who ordered the investigation of the schoolteacher.

We expect more of the school committeemen and women to make the tough decisions from time to time when such a decision is necessary.

They have all done nothing because one of their own is the father of the subject of the investigation. He serves on the school committee with them.

He was the chair of the school committee when his son got in trouble.

Perpetuating a wrong and failing to act gives the mayor and the school committee black eyes in this situation.

How is it that Everett Public Schools condones such poor and illegal behavior of a teacher when in other communities that teacher would have been fired?

The silence of the mayor and the school committee is deafening.

It is dangerous.

It is an embarrassment.

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