Different strokes for different folks

The mayor has announced that he will be having his money-raising bash at the Mystique inside the Encore Hotel.

Fred Capone has announced his money-raising time will be held at Anthony’s in Malden.

Gerly Adrien has been doing fundraisers all along since she announced, using the internet and smaller venues and weekend rallies to raise money for her campaign.

All three candidate’s methods of raising campaign funds are as different as night and day.

The mayor prefers the glitter and panache of the casino. Capone’s cup of tea is the more family-style Anthony’s. Adrien’s is all about growing grassroots support across the board.

The mayor wants to raise $60,000.

Capone would be happy with $30,000. Adrien would be boosted with $20,000.

How they raise their money, where, and from whom, says a lot about these three and how different they are.

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