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Adrien, Capone agree to Leader Herald debate, mayor silent

JULY 10: Mayoral candidate Fred Capone on the campaign trail visit to Appleton Street. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


A mayoral debate proposed by the Leader Herald for the third week in August – or at an agreed-upon moment, place, and time suitable to all three mayoral candidates – has been accepted by Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone.

When asked whether or not they would debate, two out of the three candidates said: “Absolutely.”

The mayor has not yet confirmed or denied his willingness to debate in a request announced in the Leader Herald last week and sent to the mayor by e-mail.

The Leader Herald has offered to organize, manage, produce, and fund the debate in a public place available to all.

The debate would be carried live on Facebook, and ECTV.

The candidates will have the opportunity to make unedited opening and closing statements.

A total of 30 questions will be asked by the moderator – questions designed by the candidates and directed to their opponents by the moderator without being altered or modified except by the candidates themselves before they are submitted to the moderator.

All questions will be presented to the moderator moments before the debate begins to assure each of the candidates their questions will be asked as presented.

Each candidate would be required to answer and ask 10 questions.

The moderator will keep the time clock for opening statements, questions and answers, and closing statements.

The Everett High School Auditorium is the most likely site for the debate forum.

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