Primary Day ballot takes shape

JULY 10: Mayoral candidate Fred Capone makes a stop at a house that supports Ross Pietrantonio’s Ward 6 city council bid. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Deadline for signature certification closing in


In the first wave, candidates tossed their hats into the ring. In the second wave, some have made final decisions to withdraw or to change their venue.

The councilor at-large race now has 11 candidates, nine of whom have been certified. Only Guerline Alcy and James Mastrocola have yet to submit their signatures. Incumbent Samantha Lambert, candidate Robert Santacroce, and Jenny Montresor have yet to have their signatures certified.

Catherine Hicks has stepped away from the at-large contest. She has withdrawn from this race, choosing to be on the ballot for School Committee Ward 6.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky, president of the city council, is one of the two candidates getting a free ride this time around.

No one has chosen to run against the longtime councilor, and one of the most popular political figures in the city.

Councilor Stephanie Martins is the other.

Longtime former councilor Jason Marcus has withdrawn from the Ward 2 race.

He is running for the school committee in Ward 2.

In Ward 3, Councilor Atthony DiPierro has picked up an opponent, Darren Costa. His signatures have yet to be certified.

The Ward 4 race is appearing rather hotly contested, although, at the present, only two of the four candidates have had their signatures certified.

Councilor Jimmy Tri Le is certified.

One of his opponents, Holly Garcia, is also certified.

This leaves James Mastrocola and Benjamin Murray to be certified.

Ward 5 councilor Rosa DiFlorio is certified.

Her opponent last time around, Vivian Nguyen, has not yet been certified.

Al Lattanzi and Ross Pietrantonio are going at it in Ward 6. Both are certified and campaigning.

Lattanzi lost last time around. Pietrantonio is a first-timer.

Lattanzi has put up a number of signs in the ward.

Pietrantonio has been going door to door and identifying his vote.

Lattanzi is the mayor’s candidate and friend.

Pietrantonio is going it alone.

The School Committee candidate roster

Millie Cardello, one of the most popular school committee members and a ticket topper, has pulled out of the crowded at-large race. So has Angelmarie DeNunzio.

Cardello will be running in Ward 1 against Joanne Parris and Desirae Peary.

Jason Marcus, Joseph LaMonica, and Caitlin Steinberg will be opposing one another in Ward 2.

Ward 3 is without longtime school committeeman Frank Parker, who has bowed out.

The very popular Jeanne Cristiano leads a trifecta of candidates which includes Robert Santacroce and Samantha Hurley.

Santacroce hasn’t yet committed to the at-large race or the ward race.

Incumbent. Ward 4 School Committeewoman Dana Murray is facing longtime city official Mike Mangan.

The popular incumbent Marcony Almeida Barros is the man to beat in Ward 5. He appears to be facing Jenny Montrasor.

Ward 6 rumblings include the political talk that Mike McLaughlin may not be running after all. The hard-working city councilor stunned his colleagues when he announced recently he wouldn’t be seeking re-election as a councilor but would be running for school committee.

He has yet to submit his signatures.

Catherine Hicks is the only candidate with certified signatures. She is considered a strong candidate because of her name recognition and decades of service to the city.

Running against her is the incumbent, Thomas Abruzzese, the lawyer and powerful voice on the school committee, and Renee Solano.

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