Which will it be?

This election year is quite like no other that has come before.

This election is appearing more complicated and filled with unknowns.

There are many new facts of the matter to discuss about where the city is heading and whether or not change is in the air or that nothing is going to change.

This is what the political experts in this city are all discussing among themselves when the topic arises.

Every election is idiosyncratic, that is to say, each election has an energy of its own.

A city election 20 years ago is as different from the election coming up as the city’s population make-up compared with that of 20 years ago.

The comparison is that of night and day.

Even the political and social variables in the election four years ago seem light years away from the variables of the primary election shortly to take place.

Is a new Everett rising up to take control of itself and to send a new message?

Or will the old Everett men’s club-type politics never change, even controlling the outcome of the upcoming primary?

We do not own a crystal ball here at the Leader Herald. However, we do pay close attention to the changing times. During the past four years, this city’s population has changed dramatically. The city is a much-changed place than it was four years ago.

We expect the upcoming primary to be about the changes we see and feel all around us throughout the city.

We would be blind to expect the primary to be the same as all those that came before.

We are not blind.

The voters of Everett are not blind.

All three candidates for mayor understand what is going on.

Change appears to be on the plate more than the typical meat and potatoes bill of fare in previous elections.

Change can be felt in the air.

How much of a change?

This remains a question until September 21.

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