City hall employees deserve a break

Since Carlo DeMaria became the mayor, city hall employees have been required to hold signs for him, to wear his bumper stickers on their automobile biles, to plant his signs in front of their homes, and to make contributions once or twice a year.

For what?

To keep the mayor from firing them, demoting them, castigating them, and making their work lives miserable.

If you don’t work at Everett City Hall it is difficult to imagine the requirements that must be met to keep the may- or from taking their jobs away from them and ruining their lives.

City hall employees have already received their marching orders.

When they are ordered to hold signs, there is no way out.

Doesn’t matter if you have something to do with your kids or your parents, or a summer activity, you must show up to hold a sign or go door to door handing out literature or you could be fired or disciplined.

This is a way of life that has come to pass here that is not just against all the rules of civility but is against the law.

Donating to the mayor’s campaigns because you hold a city job is a requirement here. It has been for 14 years.

Such arrogance on the part of the mayor and his overpaid underlings like Jerry Navarro and Eric Demas is an offense to every city hall employee.

It is one thing to love the mayor and to do all of the above out of love.

It is entirely another to be coerced into contributing, holding signs, campaigning, and on and on.

At some point, city hall employees will come to understand that the mayor does not own their lives, or their jobs.

If they stand up to him, there is nothing he can do to them.

The Leader Herald will make public any such incidents reported to us by city hall employees required to make costly campaign contributions at the risk of their jobs or whatever else is required of them to maintain their employment.

We have your backs.

We are not afraid of the mayor.

You shouldn’t be afraid of the mayor, either.

He’s just a small city bully out for himself and everything he can get from others to keep himself in power.

Recently and increasingly, we have been told many city hall employees have decided to go through the motions with the mayor and then to vote against him, and their families to vote against him, too.

This is how city hall employees will ultimately regain their freedom from the mayor’s pervasive arrogance and greed. This is how city hall employees, and all city employees can regain their freedom and save their salaries instead of having to give it away to the mayor for his campaign.

It is a time for city employees to take back what is theirs and to go it on their own.

Carlo DeMaria doesn’t own you. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be threatened by him.

Such behavior is all wrong and we are calling it out.

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