COVID variant back to haunt US, cases spike locally, nationally

JULY 18: A CHA medical professional gives a COVID vaccine to a person at First Baptist Church. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Massachusetts announced more than 770 new cases of the COVID virus this week.

Just when we thought we were over with the virus that derailed our lives for longer than a year, it appears to be attempting a comeback in its old form and with new strains.

A number of new cases were reported in Everett and in neighboring cities and towns – nothing like when the virus was out of control – but enough to make the clear thinking people among us stop and to think.

Could it happen again? Is it happening again right now?

This comes against a backdrop of life returning to a new normal and of life being different for many of us than in the years before the virus changed our lives.

Most men and women working for larger corporations in big buildings have not returned to work and will likely not be returning for a long time.

We are a nation now that works from home or by ZOOM meetings.

Downtowns everywhere remain more crippled by the change than benefiting from it economically.

Boston reflects this during the week when the down- town is largely empty.

Logan Airport is crowded on the weekends.

During the week, it is less than half crowded.

Weekends are busy, with thousands of people milling about the downtown of Boston.

Crowds have returned to Fenway Park and sporting venues everywhere – but the effects of the virus linger.

It is impossible to put out of our minds the lost year, and now, the virus trying a comeback.

Inequity remains among the Everett population.

In recent days we have seen a return of lines at COVID testing and vaccination locations in the city.

Food insecurity has not disappeared. Long lines still form at the city’s main free food distribution centers. The lines this week at the Connolly Center stretched for a long way down Chelsea Street.

This is not to mention the dozens of Everett families still grieving because they lost loved ones to the virus.

The days of maximum

business and growth have not returned, yet.

A year has been irretrievably lost.

There is now talk about booster shots being needed to secure us against the threat of virus sickness and possible death.

How is this going to go over in a nation where it was reported in the New York Times Tuesday that 20% of Americans believe there are microchips in the serum being injected into our arms!

The red-state folks who have not been vaccinated are now being eaten alive by the virus which is potent and spreading at will.

Many of us wonder, where has common sense gone?

Where has the belief in science gone?

When will it return, if ever?

As we all go about celebrating the rest of the summer, we wonder at the same time, is the virus going to stop our lives, again?

This is possible but unlikely.

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