Hazy, Hot and Hummus

A tasty summer treat, hummus, pita bread and veggies. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Beat the summer heat with this middle eastern inspired delight


If you don’t care for chickpeas or hummus, which is made from chickpeas, then stop reading.

If you like hummus – and I love hummus – then here’s perhaps the quickest, easiest, sweetest, best tasting, healthiest lunch you can eat.

First, you need hummus.

Lately, I’ve been buying Boar’s Head Hummus.

Yes. This is the same Boar’s Head that produces the kind of fine smoked beef products and delicatessen meats that tend to give more hearts attacks and stents than long-lasting health to those who eat such products.

Boar’s Head Hummus is a cut above all others I’ve tried at the supermarket.

It’s about $4.50 for a small container (available at Stop and Shop) which is good for three small meals, as long as you have the rest of the healthy products required.

Make no mistake, hummus is about as healthy a product as you can eat.

Everything is right about it – the taste. The texture. The sweetness and when its mixed in your mouth with a bite of scallion, a brilliantly sweet and juicy cherry tomato and a sliver of red pepper, and then given shape a form by a cutting of Joseph’s pita bread…well, it doesn’t get much better than this on a hot day.

A package of pita bread is about $2.30.

A red pepper is about .90 cents.

A bunch of scallions – literally a bunch – is about $1.50. I’m real fussy about tomatoes. I refuse to eat them if they aren’t exactly the way I like them, which is crispy, juicy, and sweet.

I tend to buy, when available, a product from Canada called “Tomato Bombs.”

They cost about $4.50 for a plastic container, and they are cherry tomatoes still on the vine, so to speak.

This iteration of all the above mentioned is a Middle Eastern daily treat for most folks who live in Israel, Jordan, Iran, and on and on.

Total time to cut these products and to place on a small plate – about six to seven minutes.

Voila! Enjoy.

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