Political signs should be banned

Political signs stand tall on Everett homefronts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Many communities who regard political signage with disdain have banned outdoor political signage.

Everett ought to seriously think about doing the same.

The city is coming to take on the look and feel of a political sign receptacle.

The mayor’s over-the-top outdoor signage is typical of his arrogant and outlandish behavior. He’d like to see a DeMaria sign on every home and apartment house in the city.

Capone and Adrien have intensified their outdoor signage efforts, so they don’t appear outdistanced by the mayor.

The sign wars are a waste of time and energy.

Besides, the signs don’t vote.

Who has more signs or fewer signs doesn’t tell much of significance about the candidates.

Some say perception is everything.

Can you imagine if Everett decided to do away with political signage outdoors?

Would voters still know who to vote for?

You bet they would.

Don’t underestimate the Everett voter.

Every Everett voter knows who they are voting for.

Not every home wearing the mayor’s political sign is voting for the name on the sign.

This is the ultimate beauty of the secret ballot.

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