Encore is hiring

JULY 22: Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Resort. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

Good pay, benefits, plenty of jobs available


On or around September 4, the government’s unemployment windfall to those who lost their jobs during the pandemic comes to an end.

Many men and women will be looking for jobs.

Encore Boston Harbor is one of the best places to job search.

A perusal of the Encore jobs list posted online on their website reveals nearly 100 jobs available at the $2.6 billion casino and hotel complex.

Encore is a great employer.

They provide employees with good salaries commensurate with experience, job benefits including health care and vacation, but most importantly, for many who will apply and who will be hired, Encore provides careers.

This isn’t puffery.

This writer knows at least a half dozen Encore employees, and several who were employed there for longer than a year before moving on.

To a person, they agreed.

“It is a great place to work.” Right now, Encore is hiring for a wide variety of positions.

ULY 22: Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Resort. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

For instance, think about a random look at the listings which includes: Receptionist – Spa Encore, Special Events Specialist, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Retail Cashier, Public Area Casino Porter, Bartender, Gardener, Director of Apps & Support, Florist, Call Center Reservations, Banquet Setup-Porter and on and on and on.

The list includes Cooks, Catering Service Personnel, Manicurist, Dealer, Assistant manager Front Office, Brand Marketing Specialist, Restaurant General Manager, Cocktail Server Sports Bar, and Director of Employee Relations.

These are all good-paying jobs in a healthy environment in the post-pandemic world.

From those who work for Encore or who have worked for Encore and moved on, we learned that Encore is a demanding work environment. One must know what they are doing and do it well.

However, the employment package makes the effort worth it.

“They are not joking when they advertise careers,” said a dealer we know.

A former manager of Encore’s large and active customer services department said he was well trained and was relied upon to do his job without politics.

“I enjoyed my position, which was to aid visitors to the casino and hotel. I worked with seven or eight other people and was managed by an experienced woman. All in all, it was a great experience. I was well paid, the benefits made the position worthwhile,” he added.

As the jobs market re-opens following the pandemic and the end of unemployment benefits in September, a look at the Encore job board for Everett residents makes good sense.


Everett residents are given preference, that’s why.

Just Google: Jobs available Encore Everett.

The rest is up to you.

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