Delta virus cases rising

EHD quiet about COVID uptick


Residents here have heard the news about an uptick in new cases of the Coronavirus, but no hard stats are available right now from the Everett Health Department.

Last week and into the beginning of this week, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed 586 new cases of virus across the state.

Vaccinations here and across the state have been continuing.

Anti-vaccine fans locally need to be aware that the highest number of new cases by a wide margin are occurring in the 20- 29 and the 30-39 age brackets and the assumption is the vast majority of those coming down with the virus or the variant have not been vaccinated.

Across the state, there were 114 patients hospitalized for COVID – 19.

Twenty-nine patients are in intensive care units with 12w of that number on respirators in order to stay alive.

In Middlesex County (Everett is in Middlesex County) during the past 14 days, there have been 526 new cases with more than 90,000 residents tested for the virus.

More new cases were reported in Middlesex County than in all other counties in the state.

In addition, cases were up in every county in the state during the past two weeks, a disturbing trend that could have implications.

Most state-mandated face mask requirements have been removed.

However, it is believed the governor and the MDPH leadership are now involved in the day-to-day discussions about the possibility of reimposing face mask requirements for large categories of venues where the public meets in large numbers on a daily basis.

In some states across the nation, the virus appears to again be out of control, especially in those states where residents have refused for political or scientific reasons not to get vaccinated.

According to the New York Times, approximately 20 % of those refusing to be vaccinated believe there are microchips that control the mind being injected in the vaccine.

As long as a large percentage of Americans refuse to be vaccinated, the virus will move around and grow geometrically, according to CDC reports.

And those who get sick and who will die will almost exclusively be those who refuse to be vaccinated.

Everett’s vaccination clinic will be open all day on August 5.

Check the city’s website for the exact times and place to be vaccinated.

There is no charge.

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