City weathers Henri’s wrath

Wind gust broke some limbs off trees like this one on Shirley Street during the brief, intense rain which also caused ponding on many local streets. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)

Storm batters southern NE, spares eastern MA, Everett


The first possible hurricane to hit New England in 30 years was much ado about nothing, as Shakespeare might have written.

Henri turned out to be much less a problem for Greater Boston and the Cape than a destructive, fast-moving lightning and thunderstorm.

Here in Everett, a ride around the city Sunday afternoon revealed a small amount of flooding in the usual places, a few downed tree limbs, but no major damage of any kind anywhere as a result of the storm.

Curiosity seekers flocked to area beaches to watch the rising tides and waves Sunday, but even the ocean failed to exceed its limits on the Massachusetts east coast, which remained fairly calm.

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Neighborhoods dwarfed by over-development

Mammoth apartments gobbling up blocks of city


No place in the city is over-development more noticeable than with the soaring 8 story cinder block elevator shaft rising out of the ground and reaching for the sky at 800 Broadway.

This precursor to a mammoth apartment house with hundreds of units on a stretch of Broadway bordered by a neighborhood of single and two-family homes is the rough equivalent of the Empire State Building being put there.

Residents living in their well-kept neighborhood homes on Carlson, Bolster, and Henry Streets on Elliott Road on Marie Avenue will rue the day the new apartment house comes to life.


Because the opening of that apartment house signals the end of the neighborhood on this section of Broadway.

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Steve J. Supino

Everett’s Constituent Service Coordinator

Steve J. Supino, of Everett, entered into eternal rest on Tuesday, August 17, 2021, in the Massachusetts General Hospital after a long and continuous battle with kidney disease.

He was 53 years old. Born in Everett, Steve was a lifelong resident. He graduated from Pope John XXIII High School in Everett.

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Tide Rolls

The 2021 Crimson Tide. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


With a handful of team practices completed since officially starting the 2021 football season, the Crimson Tide and head coach Robert DiLoreto are already getting a grip on their team identity.

“Our first practice was nerve-racking, everyone was super excited to be back on the field,” said DiLoreto, who is still undefeated at the helm for the Tide after finishing up his first year as coach with three impressive victories.

“I felt there was a level of tension and expectation, but once things got going we all relaxed,” said DiLoreto. In the young season, DiLoreto has picked up on positive trends that should bode well for a young Crimson Tide squad moving forward.

“Effort,” said DiLoreto. “Our team has been giving their best effort on the practice field, every snap. It’s evidentially clear. The positive energy is contagious and they are feeding off of each other,” he said.

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Supporting small business owners

Dear Editor,

My name is Gerly Adrien. I am running a people-powered campaign to become the next Mayor of Everett. As a Small Business Owner, I have experienced what it means to take each day step by step. But as a current City Councilor At-Large, I’m also aware of the potential this city must create opportunities for all of us – especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. This is why I am introducing my initial “Supporting Small Business Owners” plan this week. Furthermore, I welcome all feedback and suggestions.

My husband, David Lindsey and I always wanted to start a small business. We wanted a space where everyone was welcomed and felt at home. We have been small business owners for 3 years now. Tipping Cow Ice Cream (, which provides nut-free and dairy-free options, is in Somerville, MA, near the neighborhood I was born in. Tipping Cow was awarded Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston 2020 for Best Ice Cream, Food Network Magazine’s Best ice cream for Massachusetts for 2021, and Top 40 Ice Cream across the country. We are opening our second location in Boston in the Charles Speedway. We understand what it means to save up and wait for customers to come by. We know what it means to have rent increases. I love being a Small Business Owner and know small business owners are the lifeline to cities like Everett.

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