Capone wants answers

“I’m concerned about the seriousness of the subject matter and the allegations raised by the AG’s lawsuit. When was the city first notified and what action if any did the city take when notified? I want to look at the bid and the contracts given out. How many city contracts does the vendor have for similar types of work? Are any other contractors working on similar projects? What steps have been taken by the administration to properly safeguard the well-being of residents? Is the community at risk?

Could residents that have been exposed to the risk of asbestos-caused cancer get testing at the expense of the contractor? I want this referred to the Committee on Public Safety and someone from the mayor’s office, the Health Department, the City Solicitor, the Department of Public Works, the Engineering Department, and the Water Department to appear at this meeting and to answer our questions,” Capone told the Leader Herald. Capone did not mention GTA or Antonelli by name in the belief that “these are allegations. The vendor is innocent until proven guilty.”

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