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Mayor strong-arms some, makes empty promises to others


The mayor has been sending Inspectional Service employees to some homes displaying Fred Capone for Mayor signs and to business places displaying Capone for Mayor or Adrien for Mayor signs.

The Leader Herald has spoken with first-hand sources who revealed that within the past few days a homeowner in Woodlawn displaying a Capone sign was ordered to take it down or his business would be inspected for violations.

Another similar experience was reported by an Elm Street homeowner who told the same story.

“Take down the Capone sign and put one of ours up or else,” the ISD official told the homeowner.

Two weeks ago, a longtime friend of Capone was visited at his home where he had placed a Capone sign for all to see.

That man, it was reported to us, was threatened by city officials who came to his home.

He took the threats seriously.

He took down the sign.

But he assured us he will be voting for Capone no matter what the mayor tries to do to him.

In other campaign actions reported to the Leader Herald, the mayor has apparently been visiting homes with Capone and Adrien signs.

He has apparently been promising Black and Brown residents displaying Adrien signs jobs or positions on city boards, access to his office any time, and on and on if they vote for him.

Despite excluding Blacks and Browns for 14 years from the city’s public life and city employment.

It’s shameful,” said Adrien.

This goes in line with the mayor’s recent push to have photographs published of himself with Black people in publications friendly to the mayor and on his Facebook site which is produced by public relations professionals from Boston.

“I have heard from people when I’m knocking on doors that he is making promises to people in return for their vote,” Capone told the Leader Herald.

“It is the same with me,” Adrien revealed.

“Some people really believe his promises,” she said. “They shouldn’t,” she added.

The mayor’s door-to-door antics include blasting those who push back on his rap to them when he is standing on the front stairs.

“He got nasty with me,” said a homeowner who wished to remain unnamed.

A second homeowner revealed exactly the same behavior with him when the mayor got push-back.

“He didn’t like getting criticized. He was pissed off when he walked down my stairs and went to the next ad- dress. What kind of attitude is that?” asked the homeowner.

“I’ll never vote for him again,”he said emphatically.

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