Traffic is back and nasty on busy crowded streets throughout the city

August 7: Broadway, Everett. (Photo by Reba Saldanha)


Every day, the city’s streets are becoming clogged with traffic again.

This is good.

It proves in more ways than we can choose to describe how the city’s business community and residential population is recovering from the restrictions that were imposed on city life by the pandemic.

Traffic again is a sign of life recovering.

Traffic, however, is more of a hassle than it is a Godsend.

If you live in this city and drive its narrow, car infested crowded streets, you know traffic is a mind bending experience you’d rather do without.

Traversing Everett from Santilli Circle to the Northern end of Broadway can now take a half hour during the best of times.

Add to this the massive amount of street digging going on for the past two months all over the city, and at times, there is a traffic catastrophe.

For instance, recent efforts to travel down Elm Street have been a full scale disaster.

Trying to get around the street, open hole obstacles, sends traffic scurrying off of Elm and up and down the streets leading to the top of the Whidden Hospital(Cambridge Alliance) Hill.

In fact, for the unknowing, trying to get to the hospital was made impossible for several weeks by all the digging going on.

Everywhere in the crowded city it has been like this – and especially on Hancock Street, which has been a war zone of street digging for longer than a month.

Add in the trash trucks collecting the garbage – well – it is a bit like crowded street checkmate.

At least the city is returning to a new normal.

Thankfully, the pandemic’s worst appears to be at an end – and we all slog about in our auto- mobiles praying for the traffic to move.

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