Vivian Nguyen hoping second time Running for Ward 5 is the charm

Rosa DiFlorio facing stiff opposition


Two years ago, Vivian Nguyen, a 19 year old Linden Street resident at the time, ran against Councilor Rosa DiFlorio.

Nguyen lost by 29 votes.

This time around, Nguyen, now 21, and a senior at Babson College, is working hard to bring home the bacon to her ward.

During a recent kick-off event that drew more than 100 ward residents

Nguyen says the ward is a changed place since the last election.

“Many people have moved out or are being pushed out by rising rental prices, and many newcomers have moved in,” Nguyen told the Leader Herald during an interview at Common Ground Café Saturday morning.

Nguyen described what most residents are feeling and seeing – a new Everett forming out of the changing times.

Although she didn’t say it, she believes the ward has changed enough that Councilor Rosa DiFlorio’s re-election could be in serious question.

“I am working hard to win this election,” Nguyen told the Leader Herald.


She’s had her run-ins with DiFlorio and others supporting her who pull down her campaign signs or who make threats to those displaying them.

In this respect, the sign games the mayor and his supporters like DiFlorio play are par for the course. Nguyen says she is undaunted by that type of behavior and has come to expect it.

She works around it, she said.

Nguyen is young. DiFlorio is a senior citizen.

This political battle is between the old Everett and the new Everett rising.

Nguyen is not owned by the mayor.

She exults in her independence from city hall.

Nguyen is educated and articulate, hard working and knowing about her ward.

She grew up here. She has come to adulthood here.

She is hoping this time around victory will be within her grasp.

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