Patriots going nowhere with Newton


As former Patriot’s GOAT Tom Brady prepares for another run at the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots are going through the agonizingly painful motions of beginning another season without a quarterback capable of winning a championship.

That’s the major fact of life about the Patriots again this year.

With Cam Newton at the head of the offense, the Pats don’t have a chance of winning the division or of competing for the big prize, a visit to the Super Bowl.

It is a sad fact of reality that the Pats will be an average NFL competitor this year.

While Brady will remain superlative, the Pats will sink again without a great star leading the team.

How did it come to this?

The Pats let the GOAT go.

The Pat’s thought they could win without Brady still at the top of his form.

In fact, they bet Brady would decline into NFL nothingness when they made the business decision to be done with him.

What could they have been thinking!!!

For Robert Kraft and his crew, it all came down to money, and to speculation. Shame on them. They should be disgusted with themselves.

They didn’t want to pay Brady to stay. They let him go.

What’s worse, they didn’t care.

What has occurred as a result?

A Patriot’s meltdown quite unlike any other in the NFL.

The dynasty is done.

The greats have all left the team.

The Super Bowl victories of the past are fading history.

Pat’s fans face another year of crap. The team isn’t going anywhere.

All the practices, all the discipline, all the hype will add up to a bad year coming for the Pats.

You will not read this in the Boston press right now – but that’s where the team is headed.

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