Intensive campaigns, tight race

Strong competition wearing on mayor

Campaign signs cover the city. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


This is straight from the mayoral campaign trail.

A homeowner on Elm Street places a large Capone sign in front of his property.

It is an impressive sign.

“The mayor saw it. He was pissed,” a source told the Leader Herald.

What did he do?

“He found out the owner of the property is a member of the Pipe Fitters Union. The president of the Pipe Fitters Union called the property owner.

“You have to take down the Capone sign,” he told the property owner. “The sign has to come down.”

The property owner/Capone supporter refused.

A day later, when no one was looking, several men arrived at the property and took down the Capone sign, leaving it disassembled by the Elm Street property.

Seeing the sign was down, Capone had one of his aids put it back up.

Capone told a friend, ‘I thought maybe the wind blew it down.”

A day later the sign came apart again.

Capone seeing this, sent two aids to firmly replace it so it wouldn’t fall down.

This time the mayor’s aids took down the sign again, destroying it thoroughly.

Capone received a call from the property owner.

“Leave it down, please. The union president says the mayor is owed. Don’t put it back up. I’ll have a problem if I put it back up,” added the property owner.

Capone said he understood.

There is now a DeMaria for Mayor – Proven Leadership sign on the property.

The man who tells us he will be the mayor of Everett forever appears to be fraying at the edges just a bit.

The mayor’s recent actions with a number of people and situations paint the picture of a mayor who is feeling like things may be morphing out of his control, which has been absolute for 14 years.

His insecurity is best expressed in this campaign in a series of actions he’s recently taken.

No one has put up more signs than the mayor. The city is plastered with his signs.

This does not satiate his greed for more, and for others to be forced to take down Capone signs – or else, as was proven on Elm Street.

That sign incident wasn’t the first on Elm Street.

Another Capone supporter was ordered to take down a Capone sign or suffer the consequences if he wants to do business at city hall. That’s how the mayor’s people put it.

That Elm Street sign came down in a nanosecond.

Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone place signs only on those homes where they have the support of the property owner.

The mayor does just the opposite.

Among those intimate with how the campaigns work, it is well known the mayor places signs with impunity. Whether or not the property owner requested the sign is one thing.

The sign going up is another.

The Leader Herald is delivered to city hall every week on Wednesday. The mayor is never there.

One to two minutes after the delivery is made, a member of the mayor’s city hall staff removes the Leader Heralds from the newspaper rack inside the lobby.

The two newsletters he controls with his city advertising dollars remain untouched.

How does the Leader Herald get around this?

Our editor delivers the newspaper by hand to every office in city hall…and no one is throwing it back at us.

Three weeks ago the mayor’s loyal staff in the City Solicitor’s Office had a protestor arrested on the public sidewalk in front of city hall.


The protester was complaining about public corruption at Everett city hall.

If the protestor had been displaying DeMaria for Mayor signs, do you believe there is a chance he would have been arrested because he didn’t have a permit?


The mayor has taken to driving around the city in a red pick-up truck instead of his white late-model Mercedes.

What is this all about?

Sources tell us he wants to give the appearance of a working man.

In a recent escapade, he chased down and cut off an Everett businessman in the red pickup truck on Ferry Street near Glendale Square.

He cut off the businessman in his pickup truck and jammed on the brakes. The mayor did this twice.

He also threatened the businessman, shouting at him from his truck.

“You’ll get yours,” he sneered at the businessman.

Can you imagine a mayor, any mayor, acting this way in public?

We can.

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