Tide Rolls

The 2021 Crimson Tide. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


With a handful of team practices completed since officially starting the 2021 football season, the Crimson Tide and head coach Robert DiLoreto are already getting a grip on their team identity.

“Our first practice was nerve-racking, everyone was super excited to be back on the field,” said DiLoreto, who is still undefeated at the helm for the Tide after finishing up his first year as coach with three impressive victories.

“I felt there was a level of tension and expectation, but once things got going we all relaxed,” said DiLoreto. In the young season, DiLoreto has picked up on positive trends that should bode well for a young Crimson Tide squad moving forward.

“Effort,” said DiLoreto. “Our team has been giving their best effort on the practice field, every snap. It’s evidentially clear. The positive energy is contagious and they are feeding off of each other,” he said.

“Humility,” said DiLoreto of his team. “I believe we are taking a humble approach to the season. We have high expectations. We have a younger team, but I believe our senior class will be outstanding leaders,” he said. And although Everett is known as a football town, DiLoreto was surprised by the number of athletes that have come out to be a part of the team.

“The amount of players we have is a pleasant surprise,” said DiLoreto, who counted nearly 100 players from freshman to varsity football.

“It’s truly a testament of the love of the sport in the City of Everett,” he said.

“We are fortunate to be on the field. Our goal now: Improve each day.” As
of today, the Tide are on course for a full 7-game season sanctioned by the MIAA, including the season opener on September 10 (4 PM) at rival Xaverian.

On Tuesday, August 31 the Tide will scrimmage Mansfield at 3 PM at Veterans Stadium.

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