Numbers game intensifies

Three weeks to Primary Day for Adrien, Capone, DeMaria


All three candidates are hustling for votes down to the wire as the most contested mayoral race in 20 years is about to likely change the face of politics here when the votes are counted on September 21.


With three weeks remaining before the primary, all three candidates remain engaged in their campaign efforts which are, for the most part, relentless.

Our sources tell us that the vote is close between the mayor and Gerly Adrien.

Those candidates have been counting votes as they go door to door and while soliciting voter’s interest.

“She is very, very close to him in terms of total vote and he knows it,” a source close to the Adrien campaign told the Leader Herald.

Local political observers who claim to know believe Gerly Adrien’s vote and Capone’s, whatever it is, will make it impossible for the mayor to capture 50% of the total primary vote.

“Without that 50%, the mayor is officially in trouble,” a long-time elected public official told the Leader Herald.

Some observers claim Adrien is closer to the mayor in total vote identification than Capone.

The question remains – how does the mayor manage to score a great victory if Adrien and Capone pull major votes?

“He can’t. If that is the case, the mayor gets the short end of the stick,” said a source close to the mayor’s campaign.

Many sources claim counting out the mayor is foolishness. Old-line Everett people do not believe he can lose.

“He cannot be beaten. He will be the mayor forever,” the mayor’s staff aid, and chief campaign supporter Jerry Navarra has said to the Leader Herald on several occasions.

AUGUST 28: Mayoral candidate Fred Capone was out in full force Saturday with a large sign display at Everett Square. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

However, supporters of Adrien, and the expected wave of majority/minority voters who will flock to the polls for her don’t buy this.

When all is said and done, Gerly will be on top,” said her cousin Guerline Alcy, herself a candidate for city councilor at large.

The least speculative of the group running for mayor is Fred Capone.

“I am working hard. I am meeting as many voters as I can. I am telling them I will be responsive, that I will listen to them, and I will value their opinions,” Capone told the Leader Herald.

He said, to that end, the response he has gotten from voters is over the top positive – even from many of those sporting DeMaria for Mayor signs attached to the fences in front of their homes.

If Adrien scores a strong vote and Capone does the same, Everett political mavens insist that the mayor’s career could be at an end.

“You can’t count Carlo out. People who make the case that Carlo doesn’t have a chance, well, I may dislike Carlo but I’m not counting him out,” said a source.

‘That being said,” he added, “there is the feeling around the city that for all the outward signs of Carlo’s might he is facing an electorate ready to dump him after 14 years.”

“Many people have said enough is enough, that it is a time for change, that Carlo’s got to go,” added a city hall source who wished to remain unnamed.

With three weeks to go before the vote, the future appears to be hanging in the balance.

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