Running on Empty


Clearly, Mayor DeMaria is not a proud and content mayor. He refuses to debate What is he afraid of? If he feels his accomplishments are so wonderful then why won’t he debate?

We have a mayor that is afraid to debate. If you want respect and want to act like a big city mayor then you must debate. This country was built on debating and still is.

A mayor that disbanded the library board of trustees. He gave these jobs to his friends and family.


A mayor that was accused of sexual misconduct.

A mayor that allowed ECTV to supposedly get hacked. Allowing the theft of a disgusting racially charged council meeting tape. A meeting where councilors openly attacked Gerly Adrien.

A mayor that laid out ten million to purchase Pope John. Not even telling anyone he wanted to do this. And he had no documentation discussing the purchase with the Archdiocese of Boston. According to the mayor, it was all verbal. That is a scary thought.

A mayor that wants to remove the new school superintendent. The mayor feels that Pryia Tahiliani has three strikes against her. One is being a woman. The second is her race. The third is she won’t put up with his BS.

A mayor who has utter contempt for his opponent Gerly Adrien. For the same reasons, he dislikes Pryia Tahiliani.

A mayor that had to be deposed by the FBI over the shady casino land deal.

A mayor that hired a very expensive Boston attorney. Without giving any satisfactory reason as to why.

A mayor that flew off to Aruba at the height of the pandemic. Yet he was advising Everett residents to stay put.

A mayor that attacks employees, residents, and politicians if you disagree with him or call him out.

A mayor who is dwarfing and destroying our neighborhoods by allowing superstructures to be built. Yet you won’t see one of these superstructures built on or near Abbott Ave.

A mayor who gets angry and stomps his feet when he can’t get his own way. He has no self-control.

A mayor who has no vision for education. It will be going on at least twenty years before Everett builds a new school. He was more concerned with building a casino than a school.

A mayor who is in bed with developers and contractors, as long as they remember nothing is free.

A mayor who believes it’s ok to steal someone’s house by eminent domain.

A mayor that spends taxpayer money to further his career.

A mayor who hurt the business community by locking out certain businesses from helping with food prep during COVID. He only allowed his friends to participate.

A mayor that attacked the business community regarding parking on private property during graduation. The mayor believes he personally owns all Everett properties.

AUGUST 28: The Encore Boston Harbor Casino as seen from the top of Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Does the mayor realize Everett was not Wynn’s first choice? His first choice was Foxboro. The second choice was East Boston. Neither wanted a casino in their backyard. And so it came to Everett. Everett residents brought the casino here. Not the mayor.

A mayor that spends millions of tax dollars for outside consults and attorneys. It’s difficult to keep some talented people in this city. City hall has become a revolving door. And it’s certainly not because they are underpaid.

If you want to be and act like a big city mayor then you have to debate. Unless he is afraid of his opponents Adrien and Capone.

Is this who we want for mayor? Someone who has a shady way about him. Someone who hides unless it’s a photo-op. Someone who is afraid to debate. Someone who dislikes powerful women and anyone who is more intelligent than he is. Someone who hates diversity.

This is a fight for Carlo’s political career. Will he go backwards and try to become a city councilor. Will he move out of Everett. Will he manage a Honey Dew Donuts? By now many people know what he’s all about. I don’t think he’ll get too many worthwhile job offers.

Steven Pinto comments on life and politics in Everett. He is a longtime resident.

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