Addressing our Neglected Business Partners

SEPT 6: Mayoral candidate Freed Capone in an ice cream truck at a campaign stop. (Courtesy photo)

Thriving local business is a vital part of a vibrant community. A city must support its business community, especially small businesses, to help them succeed. Successful local merchants provide services, jobs, and internship opportunities for our residents. Local goods and services reduce the need to travel outside the city and the reliance upon automobiles. Successful businesses draw customers from outside Everett to spend their money in Everett, are better able to meet their tax obligations to the city, and generate more revenue to address our city’s needs. Many don’t realize that commercial tax rates are well over 2x the residential rate.

Successful businesses are even better neighbors and have more incentive to give back to the community. All 3 mayoral candidates operate businesses; however, I am the only candidate that operates my business in Everett. Michele and I donate extensively within our community to charitable organizations, food pantries, sports programs, tutoring programs, clothing drives and have provided annual academic/vocational scholarships for the past 23 years. However, our business community has been neglected for too long.

As mayor, I would assist local merchants to succeed, and invest in our community just like my business. There would be a local business liaison in City Hall to partner with the Chamber of Commerce and business owners to assist with skill development, workshops on finding grant programs, and volunteer opportunities. Peer networks would be developed to help businesses assist other businesses. We will develop internship opportunities both in the private and public sectors. Every new business will receive a packet with important information, key city hall phone numbers, and points of contact that will ease the transition from establishment to commercial activity. We will encourage positive business growth and will make real progress toward revitalizing all our Squares that has been discussed for over 30 years.

As your Mayor, the business community will have an ally to help them succeed and provide jobs and services for our residents. For other areas of concern or ideas, please visit my webpage at

Fred Capone Candidate for Mayor

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