On second thought

Maybe the Patriots will have a good year after all with their new and talented young quarterback, Mac Jones.

Jones was a great college star at Alabama who set national passing records for one of the great college football teams in America.

That means something as he takes over the leadership position with the Patriots.

Mac Jones is not Tom Brady. There is, after all, only one GOAT.

But Mac Jones has 25 years on Brady.

He is at the start of his run. Brady is coming to the end of his run.

This is fact, not fiction.

Also, Mac Jones is a real talent, a quarterback prodigy of sorts who will be playing behind a great offensive line.

He is a rookie quarterback – but what a great rookie quarterback he will likely be.

It would be easy to write off the Patriots again in this post-Tom Brady era.

Mac Jones is not the next Tom Brady.

No one playing in the NFL is the next Tom Brady.

That being said, the Pats could have a surprisingly significant winning year with this kid.

He’s got the talent, the smarts, the desire, and the mental make-up to succeed at Alabama.

This says something strong about good he is. Let’s see what happens soon enough.

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