Questionable $40k longevity mayor’s pay boost salary to nearly $300,000


The city’s chief operating officer Eric Demas is apparently the architect of the mayor’s $40,000 a year longevity payment.

Two weeks ago, the Leader Herald revealed the mayor is receiving a $40,000 yearly longevity payment when in fact the payment should be at a maximum, $10,000, according to Everett City Hall sources who wished to remain unnamed.

Candidate for mayor Fred Capone will be requesting the repeal of the longevity pay ordinance for the mayor.

“There is no justification for an additional bonus at the expense of our residents with the annual salary of the mayor more than $200,000,” Capone said.

In 2014, the city council approved a measure (Ordinance – C0032-14) allowing for all permanent full-time non-union and administrative officers to receive $1,300 for 15 years of service and $1,700 for 20 years of service.

“The $40,000 payment is a lie, a contrivance made up by several of the mayor’s allies,” according to a source.

The $40,000 payment brings the mayor’s com- pensation package to al- most $300,000 yearly.

Demas is believed to be the mayor’s chief sponsor for the excessive payment, which many believe is illegal.

“The payment was hidden in language inside the city budget and approved by the city council. Only Councilor Fred Capone, now a mayoral candidate, voted against it.

The same sources contend that Demas makes more than $170,000 a year as the city’s COO and that he is the moving force behind the mayor’s bloated salary.

The city council has not discussed the issue.

It does not appear the city council has the appetite to challenge the mayor.

“Why would the city council take away an illegal payment from the mayor? It can’t. It won’t. The mayor controls the city council. End of discussion,” the source told the Leader Herald.

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