The Monster inside the corner office has got to go

SEPTEMBER 12: Early voting at City Hall sign on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

By Steve Pinto

Let’s face it, many politicians’ popularity is built on handing out jobs to friends and family. Handing out jobs is the equivalent of securing lifetime votes. Inventing job titles, as Carlo DeMari has done, in order to employ more friends and family and hand out higher wages is what makes him tick.

Appointing friends and family to commissions and boards without an interest in their qualifications, awarding no-bid contracts to favored contractors and developers in return for benefits, and cozying up to the unions and everyone else when you care nothing for them is what this mayor is all about.

When we allow a politician to become too powerful that’s when arrogance sets in.

The abuse of power begins. And things begin to get very dirty very quickly.
Now that the DeMaria monster has been created. It’s difficult to destroy it.

But nothing is impossible.

That being said, do we want to live our lives trying to stay out of the way of the monster, or paying lip service to him so he won’t come after us?

Is this how we want to spend our lives living here?

Do we want to allow a powerful and abusive politician to run wild over all of us?

Of course not.

Do you want DeMaria to say jump and you’ll say how high just to save yourself?
Is that how you want to spend your political career? Is that how little you think of yourself?

Is that how little you think of your constituents?

We have the power to put any politician in the unemployment line.

It’s time we start doing just that.

Everett city hall is the best place to start. And the mayor must be the first to go.

The mayor is like a lion in the and vulnerable.

In the end, he’ll get his way or you’ll be his next victim.

Steve Pinto comments on politics and Everett. He is a longtime resident.

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