Hanlon tops at-large ticket, Marchese, Smith, Cardillo, Dell Isola have big day

SEPTEMBER 21: Primary day “I Voted” sticker wait for voters to collect them. September 21, 2021 in Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)


John Hanlon, Mike Marchese, Stephanie Smith and Irene Cardillo scored huge votes in primary balloting Tuesday.

Halon topped the ticket with 2,255 votes, an accomplishment for the longtime serving councilor, former mayor and former city clerk.

Marchese also showed unusual strength coming in with 2,174 votes.

Smith, in a stunning victory that signals her return to city government, tallied 2,164 votes following a strong run.

She is the youngest of the contenders.

Irene Cardillo’s vote was also substantial in the over 2,000 range.

Her exact vote was 2,061.

Incumbent Richard DellIsola enjoyed a comfortable vote of 1,934.

First timer Guerline Alcy came close to the top five with a solid vote of 1,685.

Businessman James Mastrocola, from one of Everett’s oldest and most successful families, remains in contention with 1,271 votes.

The at large contest will send the top five finishers to the city council in January.

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