It’s Capone vs. mayor

SEPTEMBER 21: Voters cast ballots at the Rec Center. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

November 2 election could be decided by
Gerly Adrien’s voters


Fred Capone and the mayor are the finalists for the November 2 election.

Primary day was climactic with results that leave more questions than answers.

Gerly Adrien finished out of the running.

Adrien and Capone pulled almost 54% of the vote to the mayor’s 45%.

The vote revealed that the mayor is not invulnerable.

The mayor scored 2,883 votes to Capones 1,953.

Adrien’s 1,499 votes leave a riddle about where they might go in the November election.

Capone and Adrien tallied a total of 3,342 votes to the mayor’s 2,883 votes.

Capone vowed to continue campaigning hard to defeat the mayor.

The mayor echoed Capone’s thoughts. The mayor’s supporters breathed a collective sigh of relief at his finish at the top.

It had been a campaign that was hard to call.

The mayor spent tons of money, employed the services of public relations experts, city employees, and campaign supports.

Capone ran a grassroots, solo-type campaign aimed at taking the high road and never uttering a bad word about the mayor.

His campaign gained momentum as the primary day arrived.

Adrien’s campaign featured a social media platform supreme which turned out not to work as expected in delivering an overwhelming turnout of Blacks, Browns, Hispanics, and several other major groups.

As disappointing personally as the outcome is to Adrien, she performed rather well and ran a forceful, professional campaign.

For Adrien, the loss sends her back to the planning desk about what exactly she does next.

Who will she support in the final?

How will she move forward?

The mayor understands the numbers.

He will have to work hard to overcome the technical difficulties the numbers present to him.

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