Stubborn COVID-19 still a threat

COVID-19 testing is still going strong and with the Delta variant raging Cataldo is available in Everett. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Nationally, locally still claiming lives, jamming hospitals


COVID-19 cases are numbering about 145,000 a day across the nation, and especially in those states where vaccinations have been lagging for a variety of reasons.

Deaths still number in the many hundreds every day across the nation from COVID-19.

In Massachusetts, COVID-19 cases have spiked but remain under control according to officials from the Department of Public Health.

Numbers of those hospitalized have increased but the hospitalizations have not impacted health care delivery at local hospitals across the state.

Everett’s numbers remain undetermined but are believed to be up.

Testing continues throughout the city at an accelerated rate and at the same time social distancing and plexiglass enclosures remain up in most retail outlets.

Masks are not mandatory in Everett, but a visual count of mask-wearing reveals a great number of men and women wearing masks walking on the streets and shopping in places like McKinnon’s, Walgreens, and Stop and Shop.

COVID-19 appears to be institutionalizing itself as something we are going to have to live with.

Until vaccinations reach at least 95% of the US pop- ulation, the presence of COVID-19 cannot be erased.

The Everett Public Schools are continuing their effort to protect the school children who are now being taught inside classrooms.

The EPS has embarked on a school testing program for students who have been close to others who have contracted COVID-19.

A public dashboard is available on the EPS website which totals the number of cases and details testing results as well.

School nurses do not provide testing at the present time.

Contract negotiations are taking place to determine whether or not it is a part of their contract to be inoculating students.

Testing is available to teachers as well as students associated with the EPS.

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